white collar response 200 words Contains unread posts brieanna perkins posted Au

white collar response 200 words
Contains unread posts
brieanna perkins posted Aug 17, 2022 12:13 PM
White collar crime is harmful to society whether its violate or not. Its effects may not be felt on the spot but it can cause long-term damages which can result in a much dangerous way. In addition, it limits the economic potentials of a society creating situations that are crimes such as robbery, homicide or aggravated assault. White color crimes maybe over looked but, in all truth, they are at times the strings that pull the other criminal activities into action as a reaction to the impacts felt after they are committed in a society.
Punishment of white-collar crime and organizational crime should not be done in the same demeanor as street crime. The reason for this is because the two are completely different crimes and their impacts are felt in a different aspect. For example, it says that serving jail term for something like fraud leading to billions of dollars will not be enough jail time. On the other hand, neither will it have any meaningful impact but finding ways for the person to repatriate all that they syphoned back into society would be much productive and useful as a form of punishment and at the same time removing this person from society and away from opportunities of committing such crimes in the future.
An organization may not stand for some practices and behavior but this does not deter individuals from behaving contrary therefore an individual should carry his or her own cross. Sexually abusing children in catholic church is a crime sexually abusing children period is a crime. Therefore, the organization cannot be held accountable but the offender should be punished. To my knowledge any organization cannot be held accountable for every act committed within the walls of organization.
Ethical behavior defines acceptable behavior of an individual in regards to the majority social norms while unethical behavior is those actions which are against the acceptable social norms. For example, when someone drops their wallet and the person behind them picks it up will be considered an ethical behavior. On the other hand, deviance looks at the actions that completely disregard the dominant norms of a society at a prevailing time. Unethical behavior can be considered as deviant when it becomes unacceptable to a society due to its negative impacts. For example, molestation is considered unethical because people do not believe that an adult should have any sexual feelings towards children.
The Opioids Inc film was very interesting to me Simple fact is that it seemed at first he did it to actually want to help others that may be going through the same pain his wife was going through. After time it seemed that he was getting obsessed with getting money than actually helping. It’s sad to see that the Dr was cutting corners to get some satisfaction on getting the pills out there. It’s also sad to say that he focused on getting people to take the drug and hooked on the drug more than to help people manage the pain. The fact that others were blind by the money that they were willing and did for a while help advertise this man is just not right. This man committed fraud and continued to get away with it for some years and became a millionaire on fraud. This entire film is disturbing people dying being addicted to this drug over simple pain such as back pain just isn’t right.
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