To add value to your response, you must give an example of what the prior post h

To add value to your response, you must give an example of what the prior post had described, provide a different perspective of the topic posted, or expand upon the idea posted in the message by including more detail and depth.
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Evidence-based decision-making is a method of making the best decisions possible by utilizing all available evidence. It avoids making decisions based on gut feelings, intuition, or instinct, instead relying on data and facts. “Purpose hospital manager decisions can significantly impact service effectiveness and success, so using an evidence-based approach can improve hospital management” (Janati et al. 2018). I think I will approach management decisions about the evidence-based practice is to show them the facts, statistics, and more proof of what I believe is essential to address. If, after conducting such thorough research, the manager believes that the overwhelming evidence is against the new approach, management may consider looking through my research and ask for more proof. Evidence-based management will be helpful because if I can show data to support my claim, EBP management may look into it.
An evidence-based approach entails a continuous, critical review of the research literature to determine what information is credible and what policies and practices would be most effective based on the best available evidence. It also entails stringent quality assurance and evaluation to ensure that evidence-based practices are faithfully replicated and that new rules are evaluated to determine their effectiveness. The middle ground between EBP management and non-EBP management will have conflicting beliefs because their cultures and practices will differ. “On a scientific basis, EBP refers to using the best available evidence for decision-making and providing efficient and effective care for patients. EBP implementation that is systematic can improve healthcare safety and patient outcomes” (Li, Cao &Zhu 2019). EBP leads to leadership and more educated healthcare practices. Addressing experiences and encounters is an essential part of EBP. It makes improvements so that the same error will be avoided, and more clinical trials may improve

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