Sperm bank donors generally expect anonymity when they donate their sperm.

Complete the following questions, typed in a document using full sentences, with proper grammar and spelling. Please answer all parts of the questions.

1. Sperm bank donors generally expect anonymity when they donate their sperm. With new DNA technology, it is possible to trace ancestry, including sperm donors. How will the courts respond when a child has a genetic health risk or disease and needs to know about his or her genetic medical history? Will the courts response as the did with adoption? (15 points)

2. Should permission of a spouse or partner be mandatory for sterilization or artificial insemination? Justify your response. (10 points)

3. A couple comes into the fertility clinic for “AID”. They have determined that the husband’s brother should be the donor and already have made arrangements with him. Discuss the pros and cons of this arrangement. (15 points)

4. Katherine is a surrogate mother for a couple living 15 miles away. Katherine, near term of the pregnancy, decides she does not want to relinquish the baby. What she doesn’t know is that the prospective mother was killed in an auto accident 2 weeks ago. Who has the right to the child? How is a decision made? (10 points)

5. Under what conditions is an abortion denied in your state? (10 points)

6. Research Nadya Suleman, the octuplet Mom on the internet. What are your feelings about her IVF? Should a limit be placed for embryo transfer? Why or why not? (15 points)

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