Critically evaluate an IPC Policy, Procedure or Practice in your place of work)

Other important points to remember:

• The critical evaluation MUST relate to your place of work (i.e., critically evaluate an IPC Policy, Procedure or Practice in your place of work)

• Your essay does not need to be based on a real IPC problem and intervention. The essay can be fictional (but must be plausible and academic accurate), demonstrating what you have learned during the course.

• Do not identify the organisation or any products.

• The references you use must be recent (i.e., no older than 10 years) & relevant (i.e., relevant to the Australian context and relevant to the topic).

• You MUST use the recommended headings (i.e., Introduction, Background and Context, Strategy, Evaluation and Conclusion) in your essay.

• Do not add extra headers or sub headers.

• Essay word count 3000 (+- 10%) – this excludes the reference list.

• The recommended typing font – Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman, size 10 or 12, line spacing 1.5.

• You MUST use the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare (2019) as one of your references.

• The essay must not be written in the first person. The essay must be written in the third person and therefore read like a journal article.

• Do not add pictures, tables or diagrams in your essay.

• Do not list information (incl. using bullet points). Put information into sentences and paragraphs.

• Have a look at the essay marking guide to see how your essay will be graded. Use this as a guide to ensure you include the main requirements listed in the grading rubric

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