Watch the video below and answer the following questions:…

1) Create a business model canvas that positions this product to become a high growth company. Your answers should include specifics to indicate you have done some research to understand the BBQ & Outdoor Cooking industry. 2 pages, single spaced max. 100 Points)

2) Discuss the competition, market opportunity, and whether you believe this concept is a viable business opportunity. Please explain why you believe it. 2 pages, single spaced max. 75 Points)

3) What legal protections would you advise the inventor of this product to secure if he or she is interested in creating a business around this concept, and why? (1 page, single spaced max. 50 Points)

4 )Choose either 4a or 4b to answer. You do not get extra credit for answering both questions. I will only read the first answer if you do so save yourself the time and effort and only answer 1!

4a) Describe how this concept could be adapted to create a social venture. (1 page, singe spaced max. 25 Points)

4b) Describe your team’s business concept and explain how it is different from or similar to this concept. (1 page, single spaced max. 25 Points)

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