Writing effective copy for sales valuation, property brochure, photography, and reflection: Estate Agency Skills Assignment, Ireland

EAS – Task 3: 50% –  Writing effective copy for sales valuation, property brochure, photography, and reflection

Briefing Note

The first part of this Assignment/Task is that The leaner should write a sales valuation letter pitching for the sale of a property.

This effectively means that you are writing a letter to a prospective Vendor/ Client setting out why you and/or your agency should be given the sale of the property.

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You are selling/advertising via a properly constructed letter to an individual prospective Vendor/ Client as to why you and/or your agency should be the preferred agency to use for the sale. (it is not a general advertisement to various parties)

It may be for example factors such as your professional expertise in selling this type of property, local area knowledge, level of fees charged, types of viewings offered, expertise in ancillary services e.g. financial and mortgage advice etc…

Your submission is not limited to the foregoing, as it is for you to determine the attributes that you and/or your agency may have in order to persuade a prospective Vendor/ Client that you/or your agency deserves to acquire the business of a sale.

As Per the Brief Mentor Sheet the following should be considered for writing your letter submission:

Has the learner created a sales proposal that:                                                        

– is property laid out in terms of address, date and salutations

– is grammatically correct?

– is appropriate in tone?

– shows a good understanding of the key selling features of the property?

– makes a good sales pitch for the agent and the agency?

– impresses you?

The learner should inspect the property and take notes and photographs to help them remember it accurately.

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