Weigh the pros and cons of promoting. Jarvis or Patel

The director of management development for the Long Stay Suites was faced with the necessity of recommending someone for a high-level management position in the company. Careful screening of all present employees narrowed the selection to two men: John Jarvis and Satya Patel. After lengthy interviews the following information was accumulated. John Jarvis had a tenure with the company of three years. He was very seldom absent work and had obtained a college degree in hospitality administration by taking evening courses. His superiors rated his management potential as promising. The one complaint voiced against him was that he appeared impatient and overly ambitious. During his interview with the director of management development, Jarvis indicated that promotions had not come along fast enough for him and that unless he received this promotion, he would seek employment with another major hospitality organization. He hinted that he had received offers. Satya Patel was several years older than Jarvis. He had been with the company since graduation from a nearby university six years previously. He was rated by his superiors as a steady, dependable employee, apparently very intelligent, but he had been given little opportunity to display his talent. Three years ago, he had turned down a more responsible position at one of the organization’s branches in another city. He said he didn’t want to relocate, and the job required some traveling. Since that time he had not been given another opportunity to move upward in the organization. In considering the recommendation he would make,” the director of managerial development recalled a comment Patel had made during his interview: “I’m confident that you will recognize the importance of seniority when you make your final recommendation.

Questions:1. Weigh the pros and cons of promoting. Jarvis or Patel

2. Which one would you recommend for the position, and why?

3. Ideally, what additional information would you like to have before making a recommendation?

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