Unit number: 46 Developing Individuals, Teams, and Organizations (DITO) Assignment

Unit Code: T/618/5127

Unit number: 46 Developing Individuals, Teams, and Organization

Assignment Title: Developing Individuals, Teams, and Organization

Unit Learning Outcomes

  • LO1: Appraise the use of high-performance working (HPW) and culture in supporting sustainable business performance.
  • LO2: Evaluate the ways in which performance management can support high-performance culture and commitment.
  • LO3: Review the factors to be considered when planning training and development activities in an organisation.
  • LO4: Design a personal and professional development career plan for a named job role, based on reflection and evaluation.

Vocational scenario

The senior management of your organisation (choose your own) are concerned that although they are experiencing rapid growth, employee commitment and aligning training and development efforts with the organisation’s goals, has become increasingly challenging to sustain, since the Covid pandemic. The company’s current practices are leading to siloed departments and reduced collaboration, impacting overall performance.

You have been hired as an external learning and development consultant to research and feedback to senior management, on the concept of high-performance working, and the extent to which the organisation is effectively utilising performance management approaches, and training and development to support individuals and teams to operate high performance working (HPW) and develop a high-performance culture.

The organisation’s quest to develop a high-performance culture has made you reflect on your own career trajectory. To progress to a Learning and Development manager – you recognise a need for personal and professional planning and development, based on reflection and evaluation.

ACTIVITY 1 – Power Point (Recommended word limit for Activity 1 is 2000 +/- words)

Produce a power point presentation that will review and analyse the concept of high-performance working (HPW). The impact of different performance management approaches, and training and development factors, can positively or negatively influence this practice, and a HPW organisational culture, to contribute to sustainable business performance.

Format and Design:

  1. Visually appealing presentation slides.
  2. Each slide should have concise content in bullet points, supported by visuals such as images, charts, or diagrams.
  3. Use a clear and readable font size.
  4. Ensure that the design elements are consistent and professional.
  5. Make sure you have a Conclusion & Recommendation slide in the end.

Your presentation should include speaker notes where appropriate and should address the following themes: –

  • Defining HPW as a concept, philosophy, and approach to engaging employees, and improving business performance. Also consider the ethical considerations in developing and promoting HPW.
  • Identify the characteristics of your chosen HPW organisation – what are the practices that make it a HPW organisation.
  • Analyse and provide evidence to support, how your organisation has benefited from applying the HPW concept
  • Evaluate different types of performance management approaches in supporting a high-performance culture, and commitment. Use examples from your chosen HPW and others and be critical in determining their effectiveness.
  • Critically evaluate the learning tools and techniques that support training and development for individuals and organisations. Provide specific organisational examples.

ACTIVITY 2 – Skills Audit & Performance Development Plan (Recommended word limit for Activity 2 is 1500 +/- words)

You are required to produce the following: –

  1. A Skills Audit. This will determine appropriate personal and professional knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the Learning and Development Manager role.

NOTE: The following link can be used to do your Personal Skills & Work Skills assessment https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk//skills-health-check

  1. A Personal and professional Development Plan. This should be a detailed and coherent plan that incorporates the CPD cycle based on the reflective and critical evaluation of your skills and knowledge identified from the skills audit. Make sure your plan sets out learning goals and any training attended in relation to the learning cycle, to achieve sustainable business performance objectives.


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