The characteristic of interest that you chose, and why it is interesting: Statistics for science Assignment, TCD, Ireland


You need to type up a short report (maximum of 700 words), describing:
1) The population of interest.
2) The characteristic of interest that you chose, and why it is interesting.
3) How the sample was chosen from the population.
4) Summary statistics that describe the data.
5) An estimate of a proportion of the population, calculated from the sample.
6) A confidence interval for the estimate of the population proportion.
7) An explanation of what the confidence interval means.
8) The sample size necessary to narrow the confidence interval to ±1%.

Upload the pdf of your report to the Moodle page.
No other files will be accepted, and you may not submit your work in any other way. You may use whatever method you like to perform any calculations required (Excel, Minitab, calculator etc.). You may be asked to submit your raw data but you will not have to submit anything else. Keep your original raw data (can just be a text file). Name the files with just your student number. For example X12345678.pdf.

Deadline for submission: Midnight, Sunday, Dec. 12th.
Late submissions will be penalized.
If you are a day late you will be marked out of 90%. If you are more than three days late you will be marked out of 60%, and if more than five days late, you will be marked out of 40%. More than a week late is an automatic 0% for the project.

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