Technology Changes Everything

“Technology Changes Everything” is a trademark slogan here at Ashford University, which aligns with the revolutionary transformation projected in education. Technology has changed the way we communicate, the way we live, work, and even shop; amazing things have been done using technology. One example is Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir. Watch the video below, Eric Whitacre: A Virtual Choir 2,000 Voices Strong and be inspired:

Eric Whitcare Video –

For this discussion, you will spend the majority of your time exploring various technologies for use in a learning environment. Start by accessing the shared Google Doc, EDU356 Educational Technology Resources and use the resource list to explore as many technology tools as possible (this shared document can be viewed and edited by all). Keep in mind with the rapid changes in technology, websites may be outdated or unavailable. As you go through the resources, make sure to update the list of resources as needed and add comments to provide more information.

Next, explore the Internet and the Ashford University Library to find additional games, simulations, apps, and technology tools to use in a learning environment. Analyze each of your findings using your checklist from Week Two and add appropriate items to the shared Google Doc, EDU356 Educational Technology Resources along with a brief summary.

EDU356 Educational Technology Resources –

(Finally, choose three of the technology tools you are most excited about and share how you will use them in a learning environment. Provide an example for each detailing the purpose or educational outcome desired and share any links necessary to demonstrate their use. Include a description of what you see as the strengths of the technology tools, possible weaknesses, and any tips for accessing and using the tools.)

**For the last part (section up above), give that to me in a word document and I will upload it to where it needs to go.**

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