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Sufism is a belief that developed in Islam. Those who practice Sufism are called Sulfi. This is a deep mystical and thoughtful way to pursue a life closer to God. The methods of salvation and liberation is to fully place your belief in God and to get rid of the self ego you have. You no longer focus on yourself and you let the God make decisions for you. Principles include being humble and to control your wants and desires. One main aspect of Sufism is to destroy your own ego. This aspect is called Fanaa. Once fanna is achieved, you are ready to live your life through God. After this has happened, you are ready to accept the divine and complete love from God. There are many order when it comes to Sufism. These orders include Qadiri or Qadiriyya, Chishti or Chishtiyya, Suhrawardi or Suhrawardiyya, Naqshbandi or Naqshbandiyya, Mevlevi or Mevleviyya, and Rifai or Rifaiyya.

Nirvana in Theravada Buddhism is the most overall goal of the Buddhist faith. You want to reach nirvana. In order to reach nirvana, you must distinguish the desires you have and abandon any distractions in your life. You must have complete discipline over your mind and your body.

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