Assignment: Sociological Observations Interview and Analysis:

Needs to be subject: ENGLISH anywhere from grade 7 to grade 12.

For this assignment, you will begin by conducting three (3) interviews. Ideally, you will interview two teachers and one parent. Once you have completed the interviews, you will submit a paper of 5-7 pages (APA 6th edition format) that summarizes the responses and details what you learned.

Needs to be subject: ENGLISH anywhere from grade 7 to grade 12.

Begin by using this interview protocol to interview your participants. If you have never interviewed someone before, you may want to practice on a family member, colleague or friend first.

  • Reassure the person with whom you are talking that his or her name and the name of the school will not be revealed to anyone (use pseudonyms please). Introduce yourselves as students of SUNY Empire State College and tell the individual that your major purpose is to understand issues regarding schooling from his or her perspective.
  • Analysis can be a combination of narrative, charts, tables, and graphs. It is expected that the data (knowledge, insights, learning, etc) you have gathered from this assignment will also be included in the Community Assets Mapping presentation in module 7.
  • Below is a list of questions in which you will select 5-6 questions per interview for your analysis.
    • Include a list of your selected interview questions in your paper.

Needs to be subject: ENGLISH anywhere from grade 7 to grade 12.

Stakeholders Interview Questions


  1. What do you teach? (Get their background).
  2. What is the most difficult part of your job?
  3. What is the best part of your job?
  4. Tell me about the curriculum you use. Does the school provide one? Is it comprehensive?
  5. Does high-stakes testing affect your teaching style?
  6. How do you engage students? What is your classroom management practice?
  7. Do you have a supportive administration?
  8. What is the biggest hurdle you faced as a new teacher?
  9. What three things would you change about public education?
  10. How do you involve parents and the community?
  11. Can you please briefly describe your school safety policy and procedures?
  12. What strategies do you find most successful for ELLs?
  13. How do you handle the diversity in your classroom?
  14. Do you think your job would be different if you were teaching in a different district? If yes, how so?
  15. Do you utilize strategies to address students’ socio-economic status? Homelessness?


  1. What is your overall impressions about the quality of your child’s education?
  2. Do think the school or school district is providing your child with a good education?
  3. How often do you communicate with your child’s teachers?
  4. Is there one teacher who stands out from the rest as being exceptional? Why?
  5. Are you active in school functions, such as PTO or other school program?
  6. If the school or school district could change one thing, what should that be?
  7. What might help you become more active in your child’s schooling?

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