nursing questions 2

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1. There was much progress in nursing during the 20th century. Select one area of change in nursing practice (not medical practice) during the 20th century that intrigues you. Compare the changes in that area of nursing practice from earlier in the 20th century to the current time.


2. Meaningful Use is part of the EHR requirements targeted for completion in 2014. Meaningful Use was created in order to capture the right data to improve patient outcomes.  

With this in mind, how can you as a nurse ensure that Meaningful Use is being implemented into the EHR?  If you were the nurse manager, how would you implement this documentation and ensure buy-in by your staff?



3. You are the nurse in a busy family practice clinic. A new patient presents with a personal health record (PHR). This is the first time that you have encountered a PHR. What are the advantages to PHRs? What are ways that you may access the patient’s PHR? What may be some obstacles that you encounter?

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