1. Describe a Hanging Indent and give an example of when you might use one.

2. What type of lists are typically used when subsets of information are needed within the list, such as, agendas, outlines, or exams?

3. What are vertical blocks of text in which text flows from the bottom of one column to the top of the next?

4. What is a placeholder where Word inserts content in a document?

5. What is the term for predefined document formatting options that include colors, font, and effects?

6. Explain the hyphenation feature in Word and how you would use it.

7. Using the skills you learned in this chapter, create a letterhead for a fictitious business of your choosing. Make sure you use the formatting tools and insert an image to add a visual appeal.

8. Using the skills you learned in this chapter, create a postcard using the Soccer.docx file from the Course Material. Insert the Soccer Ball.jpeg image at the top of the postcard and apply the soft edge oval Picture Style. Change the Page Orientation to Landscape and the Page size to 4″x6″

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