Mangement of Organisation

You are required to write a report which identifies common characteristics and influences of on an organisational culture. Select an appropriate are required to examine the meaning and influence of organisational culture. the informationused in the report must be deprived from many sources. For example: it may be innovation and risk taking by an organisation example: Apple, Samsung, Nokia You should carry the projects in 2 parts: 1) With regard to organisational Culture in general: a) outline of your understanding of the concept b) indicate your views on the creation and development of culture c) comment on the link between organisational culture and change 2) With regard to your own organisation a) Describe its culture as it currently exists b) Assess the strengths and weaknesses that you see in it. c) Consider how culture reflects the strategy and structure of your organisation d) Identify and evaluate the cultural changes which might be needed in order to make your organisation more successful 3) The purpose of this assignment a) Facilitate a collaboration and team based study b) Assist conceptual thinking linked to Management of Organisation Assignment must be typed and follow a general report format. Please include a bibliography of any references and literature sources used. 2,500- 3, 000 words Harvard Reference

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