HS1924: demonstrate understanding of the need to address both physical and mental health needs when providing care across a range of patient and client groups: Mental health and wellbeing in integrated care Essay, UK

The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate understanding of the need to address both physical and mental health needs when providing care across a range of patient and client groups. You will be given a scenario based on a patient or client from your field of practice. You will then


A patient mainly who is suffering from a chronic disease or any other disease where the patient is not able to go outside and live a normal life, goes through several mental problem. Situations like this make the patient isolated from the society therefore they feel themselves neglected by the society.

Sometimes the long-term health condition leads the patient to severe depression where a patient loses all the reasons for being happy and fails to find a reason to be alive. They feel loneliness; therefore, they want some company. They sometimes want to do the daily work like the other healthy people in the society, but they are not able to do so due to their health condition

therefore, it leads them to lose self-confidence and day by day, they
get no more motivation to continue the treatment and live in the society. In such a condition, what a patient needs more is the support of family, friends, and relatives.

However, in many cases the family neglects the patients also. Regarding this situation, a nursing staff or a nursing professional can help overcome the situation, which may become very helpful for the parent and its family also.


A retired miner is suffering from long-term lung disease. The condition of the patient is serious and therefore the patient is still under treatment. According to the doctor, the patient is under the support of the oxygen, and this is a long term supporting system that is being given to the patient by the doctor.

The man stays alone and due to his health condition, he cannot go out and is not able to live the like his previous normal life, which he used to live. Therefore, the patient is feeling isolated (Meel, 2022). In this condition, taking care of the man’s mental health should be another important concern for the doctors too. Identification of the condition and need of integration of care

In this case, the main concern is to identify the reason behind the issues that a patient is feeling and to identify the possible ways to meet the criteria that can be helpful to manage the problem and the source or issues that are faced by the patient (Hays et al. 2018). In the identification of issues, it may help in finding the method, which can lead to the identification of the way,
which is helpful in this case.

The integrated care in the healthcare system is the service that serves to improve the health care service by providing better adherence to treatment, in case of readmission and in case of providing treatment in the home, increasing the satisfaction of a patient and also of the patient’s family (Bailey et al. 2021).

It also works for providing health literacy and in the self-care of the
health professional. Integrated care is always concerned about the job satisfaction of the health worker to improve the outcome that is the result of the performance of the healthcare worker.

The effectiveness of current practice in the integration of physical and mental health needs People with poor mental health conditions have a higher risk of chronic health conditions.

In this study, the patient is already suffering from a severe lung condition and is under long-term treatment. In this case, the patient is supported with the oxygen therefore the patient is unable to go outside and unable and has difficulties with the movement as he is living with the oxygen support in his daily life (Chen et al. 2019). A patient with poor and chronic health disease can
develop the risk of poor mental health in this novice and versa condition.

The impact of integrating care is mainly to reduce the poor quality of the health care service. The inequalities in the health service so that each and every people who are in need of healthcare support get the service in their perfect time without being suffered from the biased service giving process and also it helps in the provide a better service in case of patient who atr5e under the home treatment also.

The integrated care of health service also makes some fragmentation in the health care service and provides education so that they perform their duty accordingly and each patient gets the service as per their need (Hays et al. 2018). This service also is concerned about the economic purpose of the health care service so that a patient does not die due to the lack of economic sources to access the proper medical care.

Through the integrated care approaches, the service provider can develop a mental and physical health plan to improve the strategy about management of the mental health condition of a patient who is suffering from the long-term physical chronic disease.

Mental Health Integration that is the (MHI) is a part of the healthcare service that provides service to the both. The doctor leaded team and to the patients. In this case, the mental and physical health condition of the both personal is considered important and the health service is provided accordingly.

In this case the Public Health Agencies can also provide service to the patient who are going through a poor mental health conditio9n may be due to suffering from any chronic physical disease for a long time (Stuijfzand et al. 2020). By incorporating the research area so that the relation between the mental health condition and the physical chronic health condition can be understood properly

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