Homework-Disability Culture Plunge (DCP) Code of Conduct & Planning Form



Assignment #2:

Disability Culture Plunge (DCP) Code of Conduct & Planning Form

You are required to engage with individuals who identify as being a part of the Disability Community. As part of this assignment, you are expected to be respectful and thoughtful with the different organizations and people you come across.

This is not an opportunity for you to be inspired by an individual’s ability to do “day-to-day” tasks. It is an opportunity for you to discover how people with disabilities must adapt their lives in order to integrate into their communities. You will be expected to discover what actually “disables” them and what provides them with access. You will discover or enhance your understanding of human connectedness.

As this is a college level course, the expectation is for you to take the ideas we present in class and see how those concepts apply to people who live this experience daily.

Important criteria for culture plunges as described in the course syllabus are:

  • The majority or a large proportion of people there identify as someone who is disabled
  • This must be a type of experience you’ve never done before
  • The plunge takes place after this course begins (credit cannot be given for past experiences)
  • You must be focused on qualitative interactions and not on taking notes
  • Although the event may be a charity-based event, you are not there out of charity, but out of intrigue and interest in getting to know people with disabilities as equals
  • The plunge lasts at least one hour

Ideas for Valuable Culture Plunge Opportunities

You can reference Blackboard for some DCP examples. You are also encouraged to find local organizations in the community that are not listed on Blackboard.

  • Disability and LGBTQIA + organizations
  • Disability and the farming community
  • Homeless population and the variety of disabilities represented
  • Adults with developmental disabilities
  • Mental Illness and different ethnic groups
  • Deaf and hard-of-hearing community
  • Adaptive sports opportunities

I have read the assignment description and the code of conduct for the DCP opportunity.

Your Name: Date:

Planning Form

The purpose of this planning form is to ensure that you plan ahead and prepare in advance for what you will be doing for your Disability Culture Plunge. You are expected to contact the organization in advance, introduce yourself and the purpose of attending, participating, and/or volunteering. As a student of SDSU and of Gen S420, we expect you to interact with the organization(s) in a professional manner, dress appropriately, and follow the cultural norms of that community.

Homework-Disability Culture Plunge (DCP) Code of Conduct & Planning Form


Your Name: Your RedID:
The date you Plan Attending:

Contact Information:

Name of the Organization:
Name of Contact:
Please answer the following:
1. Why did you choose this particular event:
2. What are you most excited about?
3. What are you most nervous/fearful of?

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