Have you ever encountered a similar situation?

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For this exercise, you will practice identifying different sources of power and evaluating what types of influence tactics might be successful in the particular situation described in the case.


Analysis: “I Hope You Can Help Me Out”: Don Lowell Case Study

As discussed in the Module 4, the module open systems promotes change and encourages adaptability. It focuses on adapting to changes in the environment, rather than on resisting changes.

Read the case study and respond to the assignment questions.

Write brief answers to the questions that follow.
Review the sources of influence and power described in this section. What sources of power and influence tactics does Don have available to him?
If you were Don, what action would you take? ␣␣ Would you decide not to try to influence the admission process? If not, why? ␣␣ Would you decide to help only by clarifying the mother’s need for admission? ␣␣ Would you decide to do everything within your power to get the mother admitted?
Using the concepts and skills presented in the Learning activity, describe the possible consequences of how you would handle this situation. What do you think would happen?
What strategy and techniques is Frank using on Don?
What options or strategies should Don use with Frank?
What should Don’s next steps be?
Have you ever encountered a similar situation? What strategies, if any, did you use? What steps did you take? Did these steps increase your power base? How do you know?


Write a minimum full two-page paper on your response to the assignment question.
Your detail response must be clear, concise, using your critical thinking skills.
Review the Submission Guidelines before uploading your paper.
Upload your paper for grading when completed.

Due Date: September 25, 2022 / 11:59pm CT

Submission Guidelines

This assignment will be done in Microsoft Word. Upload your submission after you have completed your assignment.

Your assignment must be done using Word.
You must use Times Roman 12 point font.
Paper should be double-spaced.
Minimum two-page response criteria.
All homework must have a cover sheet.
A Cover Sheet includes this information:
Title of Paper: “I Hope You Can Help Me Out”: Don Lowell Case Study
School: Alamo Colleges – University of the Incarnate Word
Course: Management Concepts and Issues – ADMN 6360
Instructor: Dr. Joshua Garcia
Presented by: (Your Name)
Date: (The Date)

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