Do you agree that it is inequitable to offer the corporate and competitive for a retail chain.

Starbucks the same Written and copyrighted by Gary Dessler PhD. Starbucks is progressive in terms of gender equity policies. 16 By the equitable treatment. Several years ago, for instance another investment 1990s it was offering health insurance coverage to Starbucks partners firm proposed that several tech giants like Amazon and Apple pay male (employees) who were in lesbian and gay relationships, and its health and female employees equitably. The proposal never came to a voie care insurance covers gender reassignment surgery. More recently because the tech firms soon closed their gender wage gaps. it announced that it had eliminated its partner’s gender wage gap: So at the end of the day, such proposals present top managers Starbucks male and female partners performing similar work are paid with a dilemma. Starbucks, for instance, believed that its parental leave almost exactly the same within 99.7% of each other (compared with policy was already one of the best in the industry, and that was pro about 70% nationwide), However, several large Starbucks shareholders think its gender ably true. Yet it did seem somewhat inequitable to offer better benefits efforts still fall short. For example, Zevin Asset Management pro- to corporate office workers then to those in the retail stores. posed that Starbucks report on whether its paid family leave policy was discriminatory. According to Starbucks, the policy is generous


2-16. Do you agree that it is inequitable to offer the corporate and competitive for a retail chain. For example, it gives Starbucks workers better benefits then the store partners? Why? Is that corporate office workers 16 weeks paid leave if they gave birth, and 12 weeks if they are new fathers or adoptive parents. Starbucks says what the law would seem to say? its program is exceptional because even employees who work just

2-17. What arguments would you make as Starbuck’s CEO 20 hours a week can use it. But Zevin says the problem is that the concerning why the current policy is fair? policy is discriminatory because retail store workers who give birth or

2-18. How would you handle this situation if you were running a adopt only get six weeks of paid leave and fathers get none. Some company that was confronted by a shareholder making these shareholders say this will harm Starbuck’sreputation, because it is demands?

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