Compose a 500 words essay on Anaylize the Development of a story- To Build a Fir

Compose a 500 words essay on Anaylize the Development of a story- To Build a Fire, by Jack London. Needs to be plagiarism free!
A Chechaquo traveler starts his journey for Henderson Creek in the Yukon Territory of Alaska under the temperature of fifty degrees below zero (London, p.104-105). He begins his journey to meet his friends at an old claim with his native husky dog although. he had been advised not to travel alone in Klondike in such an extreme weather of minus fifty degree at Sulphur creek.
The author has devised this pattern at the beginning to acknowledge his readers about the association of human determination verses fate. As nature impacts immensely on the plans of a man and throughout his life the destiny remains like an oasis for him. Thus, the author has depicted the zeal of a man for accomplishments and life along with his struggle to survive even in the worst case scenario.
This story is about a one day journey probably few hours after 9 am. The unknown traveler observes the extremity of weather by spitting and his spit is frozen in the mid air before it lands on the snow covered ground. His nose and cheeks are frozen and he expects frost bite, if he did not warm them. He travels with determination in an unknown zone despite of the cold to reach his destiny leaving the main trail and carefully avoiding the soft patches of the creek.
The author has demonstrated amorality and responsibility in the later part of the story. He has woven the storyline in such a fashion to furnish his naturalist inclinations and to show the human planning, thinking and action process as inevitable to fate’s or nature’s decisions. Therefore, man even with his vigilant planning and meticulous decisions cannot avoid or forgo the misery destined for him. Extreme cold weather is the antagonist of the story. thus, the author has developed acceptance in the readers to expect the worst from the nature without being judgmental about it.
Around twelve O’clock he sat down to eat his lunch but to his horror his fingers, toes

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