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I need help with a few things relating to a company, named, “TheCircuitTea” with different branches under one umbrella which will include the following:  I need it to be very elaborate, and very understanding; I would like a paper and also a website/blog or at least a layout of what it should look like.


Non-profit: providing tea, hot chocolate, soups, etc, blankets, coats to those in need. How should I start this non-profit.


Social group that meets at different restaurants and blogs about their visits at the different places as they discuss their non profit ideas to help the community. How should I start this social group and who/how manypeople should be in this group? How should the group be marketed?


Lastly, I will need a store on the website to sell things like logo mugs, tshirts, keychains, etc.


Please help me pull these different branches together to make it a success.

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