BS3SX2 : Contemporary Global Leadership Assignment

Module Title: Contemporary Global Leadership

Module Code: BS3SX2

Assessment Type: Essay

Word count: 2,500 words (+/- 10%)

Learning Outcomes Assessed

LO 1: Demonstrate an ability to critically analyse approaches to and theories of leadership and followership (the leadership relationship).

LO 2: Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of theoretical and practical issues of leading required for effective cross-cultural leader-follower relationships

Assessment Description

Aim: Using the four theories of leadership, critically analyse a leader who you believe has a significant cross-cultural impact in 2023.

Context: In class, we will explore Four Discourses of Leadership, Messiah, Therapist, Controller and Eco-Leader. You need to choose a leader, who has impact across at least two cultures. Firstly, you will need to contextualise the cultures which are being impact. Secondly, you will need to critically analyse how this impact is achieved. Finally, you will need to conclude whether the impact is positive or negative and hypothesise how your chosen leader will continue to impact culture in the future.

Your leader can be political, celebrity, cultural, philanthropic or fictional, but you must be able to demonstrate and evidence the impact that your chosen leader has on cultures.

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