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Student’s discussion:

John Donne The indifferent


I can love all skin tones, a woman that is a loner or outgoing,

A girl shaped from her upbringing, that can be sensitive or cold,

I can love any woman, as long as she is not faithful.

Is this not a valid proposal? or do you fear a faithful man?

You can go be with 20 men, can i not be with 20 women?

Because you are faithful should i be?

Venus heard this and agreed that faithfulness should be no more,

There are women still faithful, but they will be with faithful men.

2. This piece is about relationships and standards, but also about the standards set and expected in between genders or just in life. The man is talking about wanting open relationships but if with a faithful woman why must he accept that as well. This poem is set from a male viewpoint, but could also be interpreted as the irony of the unfaithfulness of men.

3. The repeated idea in this poem is consistency. If a male is faithful must a female be and vice versa, ending with Venus banning faithfulness yet it still remaining. The era uses “knowing” to refer to sexual relations, and the language of this poem makes talking of unfaithfulness in relationships as a common everyday matter. The structure of this poem separates the poem in movement, from a man declaring his love for women, a questioning for open sexual relations to just not have faithfulness and a summary of open relationships but with some still remaining as before. The writer opens up with his love for women of all types, originally his proposal was not what i thought it would be. He repeats love over and over, but he is not referring to emotional love to me but of a sexual manner,

4. I chose this poem because of how straightforward the writer was. I did not think that this era was about open relationships the way this poem declares so it intrigued me. What is a relationship without faith or trust? His poem to me all felt sexual, and that as a man he did not understand the relationship portion involved. Which is ironic as women often feel men detached emotionally or commitment wise. It can be perceived as men just want women naked, or mockery to the unattached role of men.

5. How do you feel the male figure in this poem views his relationships and why?

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