BMP5004: Project Management Poster assignment

Module Number: BMP5004

Module Name: Project Management

Assessment Type (and weighting): Poster and Defence – 50% (In-class Presentation)

Assessment Name: Project planning approaches and techniques

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO1: Compare and contrast project planning approaches and techniques

Assessment Brief:

Design a poster that showcases the various methodologies and methods employed in Project Management. Your poster should also incorporate the following components:

  • A breakdown of the conceptual approaches employed in Project Management.
  • A breakdown of the management tactics employed to accomplish a successful Project.

Your poster should be visually appealing and engaging and effectively communicate your key points. You are encouraged to use images, charts, and other visual aids to enhance your poster. You should also provide references for your sources of information.

Note: Please ensure that your poster is of appropriate size and format for presentation.


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