BM461 Global Business Environment Assignment CW2

Unit BM 461 Global Business Environment


Two 750-word (+/-10%) reports relating to the overall topic of the Global Business Environment

Coursework 2(a) & 2(b), 750 words each


Critically examine the food take away market within the town centre of your classes and assess the level of competitiveness and likely impact of the present economic situation. The purpose of paper 2(a) is to test your:

  • Knowledge of competitiveness and economic activity within a local environment, LO3.
  • Your ability to conduct primary research of a local market and identify and analyse reputable sources of data relating to the economic situation nationally and locally, LO1 & LO2.


Assess how the ‘Work from Home’ trend that was accelerated by the global lockdown has impacted the economy and explain the benefits and disadvantages this has created for business organisations. The Purpose of paper 2(b) is to test your:

  • Knowledge of business theory and the internal environment using reputable sources, LO1
  • Ability to critically discuss business trends and the changes in working practices and the impact upon business organisations within the UK. LO2 & LO3

You should reflect on module content and use this as a basis to express your own ideas, using theory, academic references and practical industry examples where appropriate.

These briefing documents should each be no longer than 750 words each (+/-10%) or total more than 1,500-word together (+/-10%).


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