A general introduction to your chosen issue and a brief analysis of the challenge.

Task Summary In Modules 1 and 2 you identified a global issue which you are passionate about, and collaborated with your industry mentor to identify some potential solutions. For this task you are to prepare an 8- to 10-minute proposition presentation to your facilitator and industry mentor for feedback. Context The focus of this assessment is to clearly identify and articulate the global issue size of the market, the customer value proposition, and potential options for solutions. This assessment is designed to introduce you to: the concept of Enterprises the application of Design Thinking skills and expertise in the advancement and fulfillment of projects initiated to meet the challenges of the global issue, and  ways by which you can make a difference by addressing the challenge. The focus will be to find solutions around social, commercial or sustainability needs or issues. For example, a social need or issue are the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is important to appreciate that such solutions are not driven by vague aspirations. On the contrary, they are the products of pragmatic design disciplines. These disciplines enable you to observe and re-frame global social problems with the benefit of well-established and rigorously tested Design Thinking processes as well as your capacity as the designer to adopt a divergent stance in problem solving. Task Instructions You are required to create a preliminary proposal which you will present to your learning facilitator and industry mentor as an 8- to 10-minute presentation. Design your presentation using an application you are comfortable with such as PowerPoint, Prezi or similar. Note: There is a requirement for substantive research and analysis as part of this assessment. Begin by researching and nominating an issue. For example, a global social issue should keep in mind the 17 SDGs. You are encouraged to research broadly before selecting a particular area and topic. Your proposition presentation could: be global local or national in nature address a social, commercial or sustainability issue or need. identify the potential communities or customers who may benefit from your proposed solution, and consider how it might be scaled to meet changing needs of the community or customers.

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It will include the following components:

a) A general introduction to your chosen issue and a brief analysis of the challenge.

b) A summary of current activities within this area. If you choose a social issue, an investigation and presentation of two social enterprise projects that are engaged with this issue or in a comparable domain. Where no such projects currently exist, it is appropriate to showcase projects or organisations that reflect similar aspirations.

c) An initial draft proposal of the intended approach, to be supported by some broad outline objectives and a cogent rationalisation of the challenges identified.

d) Your presentation should reflect a professional standard of visual communication design that clearly represents and support the content of your proposal.

Note: At this stage, it is not essential to present a definitive solution. However, your proposal should be sufficient to enable detailed discussion and feedback with the learning facilitator and industry mentor in preparation for Assessment 2.

It is essential that sufficient progress is made at this point to enable close collaboration with your learning facilitator in assessing progress and formulating an appropriate direction within which to expand your ideas in the following assessments. Your proposal will be evaluated on the quality of the idea, and evidence that demonstrates your readiness to progress to the second stage, in partnership with your mentor and learning facilitator

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