Points: 100
This week we will focus on a simulated scenario featuring The Board of Directors (BOD) at Tesla and our class. The BoD has asked our group to collect data and information to help them create a marketing campaign for the release of a new high- end model of electric vehicle.
You are asked to identify the most likely target market for the new model on the Tesla lineup. Collect Data & Information- In order to make the best decisions and maximize their appeal to their target audience(s), the BoD needs to collect specific demographic data/information regarding the characteristics of their target market(s). There are two parts to this assignment.
Part 1
Go to your favorite search engine (Google or Bing) and search for “Tesla Target Market”. Determine the following 3 characteristics of the typical Tesla buyer. While there is a wide range of buyers, keep in mind, the BoD is interested in the
typical buyer: 1. Age bracket
2. Household income
3. What is the most common reason they buying a Tesla electric car
Part 2
You will select one from the following list of submission choices that best match your learning style and helps demonstrates your understanding of the content. Your selection will count towards 75% of the grade for this assignment. You need to choose only one:


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