Use jMonkey SDK engine to create a scene from following requirements.

1) Create a new BasicGame project.

2) Use a Blender file from or a jMonkey model file from the com.jme3 library. Import the file into the Project.

3) Add a new Scene and then link the imported model to the scene.

4) Add a Terrain to the scene. Change the texture of the Terrain. Modify the Terrain by raising and lower the terrain.

5) Add a Filter to the Scene, and then add two filter features (except Water).

6) Add a DirectLight source to the Scene

7) The scene will include at least 10 objects 5 of which are moveable and the other 5 immoveable objects.

8) The object types can vary (i.e. box, sphere, etc.), and each type must be distinguishable using different materials.

9) Each object must be bound to allow for collision.

10) At least two characters must also be part of the scene and the characters must be allowed to rotate left and right..

11) It is strongly encouraged to leverage the Physics, Character, and Input classes to complete the Project (see the Week 3 video and source code link).

12) The projectiles used as “bullets” can be of any object type of your choosing.

13) The scene must include a BitmapText that is updated with a “Hit” when a collision occurs (HINT: Use the result of the CollisionResult object)


Deliverables include:

  1. All source code and project files (use the Export Project from the File menu to create a zip file)
  2. ZIP file naming format is
  3. Compile and run instructions

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