University of Hertfordshire Covid 19 effects on the Air Cargo Sector Paper Assignment Help

Coursework Two: Research Outline

Your task
You plan to conduct a research study on a topic of interest to you. You discuss your
plans with a potential research mentor and they ask you to put your ideas down on
paper and present them in the form of a research outline. Your mentor expects your
research outline to be succinct and rigorous and present a clear idea as to the WHAT,
WHY and How of your research. You are asked to include the following elements in your
1. A clear working title for your proposed study and a short introduction
A Short overview explaining what this study is about and why it is important and
interesting. [250 Words]
2. A clear research aim
Make sure to state your research aim(s) which summarises what you want to achieve
with the entire study (50 Words)
3. A brief literature review
From your initial and engaged reading of the literature, what previous research has
been carried out in your chosen area of research? Specify and discuss which theoretical
body of knowledge you are basing your study within. [500 Words]
4. A consideration of the methods that you may be adopting for data collection and
Explain the methods you expect to use. Are they qualitative or quantitative or a mixture
of both? How are you getting your data and which tools for data collection are you
using? [700 words]
5. A note on research ethics
How will your research comply with the principles of ethical research? (250 Words)
Your second assignment for this course is to write a Research Outline. Your assignment
should be 1,800 words ±10%. The word count excludes the list of references at the end
Research Philosophy and Practice
document. In-text citations, however, are included in the word count.
6. The Reference Page
The reference page should be presented in terms of Harvard Style conventions.
References should also be cited appropriately throughout your outline to demonstrate
that you have read and understood the work of others. The reference page is not counted
in the word count. However, any in-text cations are included in the wordcount.
Remember that your assignment should be entirely written in your own words. If you
must quote directly, you will be expected to provide the full Harvard reference for the
quoted source to include in your list of references at the end of the document.
Concluding Notes
Students are expected to demonstrate understanding of and ability to apply the research
concepts they have learned in this course.
This assignment will enable you to explore and reflect on the process of developing a
research proposal as you progress to the next stage in your studies.

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