As a Behavior Analyst, you have been asked to assist in the development of a Behavior Intervention Plan for the following scenario:


The parents of a four-year-old have asked for help in “getting control” of their child’s behavior. The child has been consistently throwing “temper tantrums” at home and out in the community. The “tantrums” have become so frequent and intense, that the child has no virtually no demands placed on him or her and is frequently left to do whatever he or she wants to do. The family has become more or less homebound for fear of experiencing the “tantrums” out in public places.


From the following above referral and respond to the following in essay format:


  1. Operationally define a target behavior based on the information in the scenario
  2. Describe, in specific detail, how Antecedent stimuli and conditions could be potentially important for the assessment of the target behavior. Please include discussion of Discriminative Stimuli and Motivating Operations in your response.
  3. Describe, in specific detail, how Consequence stimuli and conditions could be potentially important for the assessment of the target behavior. Be sure to indicate the influences of Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, and Automatic Reinforcement in your response.
  4. Describe how components of the SMIRC model would be addressed in an FBA for your referral.
  5. Describe, in specific detail , at least two (2) ethical obligations and/or concerns that would be necessary to address within the case scenario you chose. (You may use either or both APA and BACB guidelines as reference)

Project Guidelines:


  1. 1800 words minimum
  2. APA Format
  3. Utilize the Readings and other course material from Unit 5
  4. If you feel you must find outside resources for assistance, please utilize academically legitimate resources (DO NOT use websites and Wiki’s that are not peer-reviewed)
  5. DO NOT focus on the use of diagnoses or labels
  6. Be specific and detailed; do not just list items and facts
  7. You may take creative license and flesh out the clients history or presenting problems if you choose

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