UCF Impact of COVID 19 and Health Welfare Throughout Modern History Reflection/ Assignment Help


Project reflections offer a chance to examine and organize what you have learned over a process of working on the project.

Reflections are a learning tool that can help us think about the rhetorical choices made in P2, as well as considering what worked or not during our writing process. Ideally, reflections prompt critical thinking that helps you understand your writing.


The reflection is a space for you to consider the work you’ve done in the project, explain decisions you made, and write about what you learned. In a reflection of 500 words or more, discuss the process of writing for this project. You may address any part of the project in addition to focusing on these reflection prompts:

  1. How did you find the research process? What is easier than imagined, or did you have difficulty finding what you needed? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn about approaching the task of researching that you’ll do differently next time?
  2. Were there any ideas from the research you found difficult to support with evidence or difficult to explain? Were the sources difficult to integrate? What were the greatest challenges about using sources to support your writing in this project?
  3. What was challenging about providing analysis of sources or insights about the significance of something? How did you approach this aspect of writing a researched essay?
  4. Were any of the earlier assignments in the project particularly helpful to you in developing this project?
  5. Looking at your final draft, are there any things you would do differently the next time you write a research essay? Is there any one thing in particular that you did in this assignment that you will take with you and use in future writing assignments?

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