The law better known as The Environmental Policy Act



42 USC Ch. 55
Chapter 55 of Title 42 of the U.S. Code is the law better known as The Environmental Policy Act. It was introduced in 1969 and passed in 1970. It was signed
by President Richard Nixon, whose statement about the law is labeled as “White House” or “the President” rather than by his name.
You can find the entire law here, as it has been amended over the years. The link includes links to original wording in case this is of interest.
Reading the entire law in detail would be arduous; please scan all of the headings and read what you can, especially of the early sections that describe the
broad purposes and actions of the law.
Please write briefly about some of the things you learn by reading the law, addressing (at least) its purposes, some things it eliminated, and some things it
created. Also mention at least one aspect of environmental quality that it covers and briefly explain how.
Finally, identify one change to the law enacted by an executive order. You can find these by clicking on CTRL-F while looking at the document and then
searching on the phrase “executive order” and then looking for the use of that phrase within headings. The date of the order can be used to identify which
president made the change. See
if you need a reminder of dates in office.
NOTE: This need not exceed 2-3 pages. It would be possible to write much more, but the purpose here is simply to get used to looking at the USC



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