Select 100 random stocks from the Russell 3000 index, on a market capitalization-weighted basis, ensuring all sectors are represented.
Choose the carbon metric that you will use for the decarbonized portfolio optimization.
Present descriptive statistics for your market cap-based portfolio including mean, standard deviation, min, max, and percentiles.
Set up the carbon metric target for your decarbonized portfolio.
Set up and solve the optimization problems that produce decarbonized portfolios while tracking the performance of the market cap-based index.
Set up and solve the optimization problem that produces a mean-variance efficient portfolio.
Set up and solve the optimization problem that finds a mean-variance portfolio given the additional carbon constraint.
Present the descriptive statistics of ESG performance of the resulting decarbonised portfolios and the MPT-based portfolio.
For one of the decarbonized portfolios, present the sector analysis
Conclusion. Summary of all outputs per each optimization.

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