School trip to Washington D.C.


This essay is for a school trip to Washington D.C. where I will be visiting different history museums. Students are to write a one page typed essay about how the D.C. Trip relates to what students are studying in class, what is expected from visiting the African American History Museum and the Holocaust Museum, and a note to self or preview of the shared experience which they are to bring back to the table. This is for my Holocaust Research class so touch more on Holocaust, what can be expected to see from the Holocaust Museum and, how that relates to holocaust and the prejudice against Jeiwsh people from that time period. Also, along with the African American Museum which you can tie into Holocaust and history in general. I am in 11th grade, so general but also higher vocabulary can be used, either is fine. You can make it emotional in ways like expressing how the museums might make me feel and why that is important to me as a teenager and why I feel I would want to experience this trip.


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