SAS Assignment 2: Applying what we have learned

SAS LINK: (I will message user name and password)

In this week’s second SAS assignment, you will go out and search for some public health data. You can get data in an excel form or transpose it to excel in any number of ways. Also, this does not have to be patient specific information. You can get data on your local community (San Diego, California) for the purpose of comparing and contrasting different values and categories. To complete this assignment you will have to do the following: Find a public health source of data. The data must have at least 4 columns information. Two of the columns should be categorical. If you find only continuous data then you can change age (a continuous variable) into discrete 10-year categories to aid in your analysis.

Fun the following SAS procedures:

· PROC Contents

· PROC FREQ (With tables and a Chi-Square)


You will need to answer the following questions in minimum 350 words:

· What was the source?

· What conclusions can we draw from the basic statistics that were run?

· How does this compare with the research in the field?

Sources of Public Health Data:

CDC Sources

CDC WONDER : Mortality Data, Data on HIV/AIDS, Birth Statistics, Cancer Statistics,  Heat Index, Precipitation, Air Pollution etc

VAERS : Vaccine Adverse events

BRFSS : Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

YBRFSS : Youth Risk Factor Surveillance System

California Specific Data

Cal-Enviroscreen 3.0: Air pollution, water contaminants, and toxic sites merged with asthma hospitalizations and death data

Disadvantaged Communities Map

Almost any source of data can be used, the goal of this activity is to start to get you to think of how to look at public health data and how it is organized on the back end.


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