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I have always been a Windows user mostly because growing up that was the one of the only options when using computers. The features I find most valuable when using Windows is Microsoft Edge, it has a lot more options for gaming, and the price comparison is much cheaper. I hear friends talk about how much it cost for Mac computers/laptops and how limited their access is to certain items. They are spending so much more to improve or enhance their Mac products. I feel that Windows is much more cost effective in the long run. 

My home computer is Windows and the programs and features I used most are word, excel, and power point. In my prior job in banking, I also used Windows and the same programs daily. I’ve pretty much always worked on Windows. I have very limited experience using macOS, only a handful of times when I borrowed a friends laptop. The challenges I faced were mostly just getting used to the different functions and learning the quick functions.  I don’t think I can ever be someone who switches over to macOS, I’m just so used to using Windows and I’m so comfortable with it. It would take a long time to get adjusted to macOS. 

The most surprising feature I learned this week was form factors. I had never heard that term before. A form factor is a specification for its layout and physical dimensions. Form factors help prevent incompatibilities between multiple hardware manufacturers (Hope, C., 2020).

The goods news is, there are tons of options. If you don’t like using macOS, get a PC. If you don’t like using Microsoft Windows, get a Mac (Hope, C., 2020).


Hope, C. (2020, June 30). Mac vs. PC.  Retrieved August 29, 2022, from

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