PSYCH 770 Week 3 Quiz

PSYCH 770 Week 3 Quiz Recent

Q.1)  A study of top executives at Fortune 500 companies discovered that the most common reason for managerial failure is:
  1. poor interpersonal skills
  1. lack of education
  1. poor training
  1. lack of experience
  1. all of the above  
Q.2) Which of the following is NOT a determinant of behavior in organizations?
  1. Individuals
  1. Groups
  1. Structure
  1. Society
Q.3) A major theme in Vandeveer and Menefee (2010) is that behavior isNOT:
  1. caused
  1. common sense
  1. consistent
  1. predictable  
Q.4) Organizational behavior is all of the following except:
  1. a field of study
  1. an applied field
  1. an intuitive analysis of human behavior
  1. studying what people do in an organization  
Q.5) In the study of OB, intuition is replaced by:
  1. generalization
  1. listening
  1. conditioning
  1. systematic study
Q.6) An individual’s personality is determined by:
  1. heredity
  1. environment
  1. situational factors
  1. all of the above
Q.7) A Type A personality would be most likely to:
  1. be easy going
  1. enjoy leisure and quiet time
  1. eats his/her meals quickly
  1. concentrate on only one task at a time  
Q.8)  A personality attribute that has potential for predicting behavior in organizations is:
  1. Machiavellianism
  1. Type A personality
  1. MBTI
  1. All of the above
  1. None of the above  
Q.9) A person’s ability is determined by age and personality.
  1. True
  1. False 
Q.10)  People who consistently believe they control their own destinies have:
  1. a high extroversion
  1. high internal locus of control
  1. a type A personality
  1. a high propensity for fun  
Q.11) A process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment is called:
  1. interpretation
  1. environmental analysis
  1. perception
  1. outlook  
Q.12) The tendency of an individual to attribute his own successes to internal factors while putting the blame for failures on external factors is:
  1. Fundamental attribution error
  1. Self-serving bias
  1. Consistency
  1. Selective perception
  1. projection  
Q.13) Short cuts in judging others include all of the following except:
  1. stereotyping
  1. halo effect
  1. projection
  1. coasting
  1. horn effect  
Q.14) People who consistently believe they control their own destinies have:
  1. a high extroversion
  1. high internal locus of control
  1. a Type B personality
  1. a high propensity for risk-taking  
Q.15) When we judge someone on the basis of our perception of the group to which he or she belongs, we are using the shortcut called:
  1. grouping
  1. stereotyping
  1. categorizing
  1. assimilating
  1. haloing  
Q.16) The strongest influence in forming your early values was:
  1. school
  1. church
  1. friends
  1. parents
  1. gangs  
Q.17) Values are best described as:
  1. flexible
  1. synonymous with attitudes
  1. fairly stable over time
  1. consistent among occupational groups  
Q.18) Values differ between:
  1. cultures
  1. regions
  1. generations
  1. all of the above
  1. they do not differ  
Q.19) The best predictor of turnover is:
  1. job satisfaction
  1. personality
  1. attitudes
  1. organizational commitment
  1. job dissatisfaction
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