1) Watch the video: Values Based Leadership. Please discuss your impressions of the video (250 Words)

2) After watching the video, Please discuss your impressions of the video. Then interact with two of your classmates on why with agree with their response from the video. (125 Words Each)

Classmate 1 Response (JM) (125 Words)

After watching this video, I’m very interested to see how Mr Kraemer fleshes out these four principles for leadership in his book. Immediately I am intrigued by the emphasis he places on self-development above the skill of influencing others. One might assume that a leadership coach would teach you the skills necessary to manipulate a group of individuals to accomplish your goals. Instead, he barely mentions the impact you will make on others, and focuses on internal factors for success. His principles seem to encourages you to lead yourself so that you can then lead others. 

His final point of “Genuine Humility” stood out to me most of all. If we do not recognize the people and circumstances that lead to our current success, how then can we appreciate and utilize our current circumstances and teammates for further success? How you see others says a lot about yourself, and even more about your ability to lead.

Classmates 2 Response (LL)  (125 Words)

I really liked this video and had some thoughts about each of his four points:

Self-Reflection — I think this is very important to leadership, as it helps us to understand who we are and also how we can improve. This comes to me very naturally. People often tell me that I’m a very reflective person, and since I do a lot of it already, I can definitely see it’s value to leadership.

Balance — This is something I try to keep in all areas of my life, but it’s been especially valuable in ministry, although I’ve never really thought about it in these terms until he explained it. There are many people in the church who like to voice strong opinions, and I just have to smile and nod without really speaking because, if I disagree, it could damage my relationship with that person, or if I agree, it could damage my relationship with someone else. When I do have to take a stand or speak up about an issue, I do my best to address all sides fairly. Otherwise, it will negatively affect my influence. 

Self-Confidence — If I’m being honest, this is where I struggle. I’m told that I have good instincts and usually do/say the right thing, but I have never been particularly confident in what I do/say. This has gotten better with experience, especially after having been told that I have good instincts, but I still struggle a lot with this. 

Humility — I really appreciated what he said about this one. Humility is not about thinking less of yourself; you should have an appropriate and accurate understanding of your talents and abilities (this relates back to self-confidence). But humility is understanding that you did not get to where you are by yourself, but that there are several factors involved. I recently got a new job, but during my search, I was told by many that I had the skills, but the timing was not right, or I just did not fit in with their congregation (being young and single). In fact, when I was offered this job, I was told that everything just lined up–how I fit in and the timing and my skills–so this resonated with my experience.

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