Jan and Kim Levering have decided to expand their IT consulting business. They have leased space in a nearby building. The following are the details:

  • They will have an entire floor that has the following:
    • a receptionist area
    • 2 offices (one for Jan and one for Kim)
    • a conference room
    • an office that will accommodate 15 cubes for their consultants
    • a computer room to house their server(s)
  • They currently have 8 Windows XP systems set up in a workgroup

They would like you to develop a 2-phased plan. The first phase involves moving from the current office to the new office. In a 4-page report, you need to do the following:

  • Diagram the network and identify the topology and components:
    • Their existing equipment is as follows:
      • 8 XP systems
        • 1 each in Jan and Kim’s offices
        • 6 systems cubes (1 per cube)
      • 1 Windows Server 2008 (standard edition) system in the computer room
      • 1 printer in the computer room
    • Include the following:
      • IP addressing scheme (use static addressing)
      • subnetting/supernetting
      • subnet mask for phase 1
  • Provide an installation guide on how to set up the Windows Server 2008 system and the network, including the following:
    • illustrations of the server installation process
    • a minimum of 8 Windows Server 2008 screenshots, with detailed explanations
    • descriptions of the settings for the following:
      • server roles
      • naming conventions
      • disk format (NTFS or FAT)
      • joining
      • security
      • centralized versus decentralized administration
    • a discussion of TCP/IP configuration
    • a comparison of settings between workgroup and domain
    • an explanation of typical installation problems/difficulties related to the following:
      • hardware
      • software
      • the network

The second phase, to be completed later, will be to expand their network to accommodate additional equipment.




Must be a 4 page word Docment in APA format,  With at least 3 references, This must be orginal and non plagarized

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