LAW41500: Select One Case Study Out Of The Four We Examined In Class In Weeks For Occupational And Avocational Crime: White Collar Crime Case Study, UCD, Ireland

University University College Dublin (UCD) 
Subject LAW41500: White Collar Crime

Task: Select one case study out of the four we examined in class in Weeks 4, 5, 6, or 7 (i.e., for occupational and avocational crime, corporate crime, state-corporate crime, or state crime) and write a 3,000-word case study.

Please note: you cannot select the same case study you selected for Tutorial Paper 2 and its Supplemental Assessment equivalent; the case study you select for the must be different (i.e., you cannot re-use the same cases and answers as the previous assessment).

When writing the case study, it is recommended that students employ the following structure and headings:


  1. Synopsis/Executive Summary

In this section, students should:

  • state the purpose of the case study.
  • state the case being examined.
  • provide an outline of what the case study will discuss. Students should:
    • state the specific typology of white-collar crime the case represents (e.g., occupational, corporate, state-corporate, corporate, state crime, etc.); and
    • state the theories/theoretical framework that will be employed in examining the case.
  • foreshadow the key finding(s) and/or recommendation(s) the case study will make.
  1. Background

The purpose of this section is to provide further detail on the case being examined.

  1. Outline of the Case

Here, students must provide a brief outline of the case. The aim is to be succinct; students need to explain and/or reconstruct the series of events that led to the commission of the crime but only provide the level of detail necessary to aid the reader’s understanding of the case and justify the theoretical framework being used.

  1. Typology of WCC

Students must explain why their case is a form of white-collar crime by drawing on a WCC typology (e.g., occupational, corporate, state-corporate, corporate, state crime, etc.), identifying the offender(s) and victims, and stating the amount of harm caused.

  1. Discussion

This section should make up the bulk of the overall word count and explain the problems identified in the case.

  1. Theoretical Explanation

Students must state which theories they will employ in examining their case, and apply each theory to specific aspects of the case to demonstrate why the crime occurred. Students must select a minimum of two and a maximum of three theories. When explaining how theory can be applied to the case, students should briefly explain the limitations of each theory and use these limitations as justification/to explain why the use of a second (or third) theory is necessary.

  1. Evaluation of the Legal/Regulatory Response

In this section, students have to state the legal and/or regulatory response to the crime and evaluate the effectiveness of this response (i.e., what did/did not work). Students should state the key law enforcement and regulatory agencies involved and national and/or international laws and regulatory frameworks that apply. Also, students should draw on theory and coursework where appropriate when demonstrating the effectiveness of this response.

  1. Findings and Recommendations

The final section should summarise each of the key findings and recommend realistic solutions to the problems identified in 3(b). Students must justify each recommendation

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