Institutions, Inequalities, and Intersectionality Research Paper For this 5-7 pa

Institutions, Inequalities, and Intersectionality Research Paper
For this 5-7 page paper (1,250-1,750 words), you will have the opportunity to explore some aspects of intersectional inequality within a social institution.
our textbook, Sociology 3e, and read it with care: Chapter 15, Religion to a free text book
choose ONE sociological issue based on inequalities and connected to that institution and two of the following statuses: race, gender, sexual orientation, and social class. Ideally, the issue will be discussed in the chapter. If not, then use the chapter as context for the issue you select and to provide a theoretical base for your issue. Please be sure to select only ONE issue so that your paper gives depth rather than breadth. Feel free to discuss your issue with me before starting the paper.
For example, Chapter 15 to explore how Black churches include or exclude LGBTQ+ members (sexual orientation and race). As long as your issue includes intersectionally, inequality, and one of the social institutions in our text, your choices are endless!
Then conduct library research on the topic (institution, issue, and statuses) that you selected. This research MUST include at least ONE article from a peer-reviewed sociological journal, the textbook and PowerPoints, and FOUR other good sources.
Finally, end your paper with a discussion of a social change organization that is working to address the issue you selected. For example, if you selected domestic violence by race, you could write about Mujeres Latinas en Accion. Ideally, you will find a Chicago-based organization, but I will be happy to read about any organization that will give me some hope! Make sure that the issue you selected is the main focus of the organization.
Your paper should look like this:
I. Introduction that includes your institution, your issue, and a summary of your general findings. The summary acts as your thesis statement. This should be a single paragraph.
II. The main part of your paper is separated into appropriate paragraphs. This is where you report on your research overall, which must include information and ideas from our textbook. Be sure that you are not simply doing a book or article review! Instead, integrate all of your research together—your five articles and our textbook—providing individual paragraphs for each main point. This should be several paragraphs and make up the majority of your paper—5-6 pages.
III. Report on the social change organization, including a very brief history and the work that they are doing. This should be about two paragraphs or one page.
IV. Conclude by reflecting on the issue you chose and how to make structural changes (based on your social change organization and your own thoughts) to make the world a better place. This should be 1-2 paragraphs.
V. Work Cited page—this should include all of the research you conducted that appears in the body of your paper. It should have at least seven sources—our text, the appropriate PowerPoint(s), the article from a peer-reviewed sociology journal, and four additional good sources.
Remember that this is a formal paper that requires MLA or APA citation in the body of your text as well as a formal MLA or APA formatted works cited page. I expect college-level thinking and college-level writing, which means that I want to see depth in your thinking and very few grammar errors.

The post Institutions, Inequalities, and Intersectionality Research Paper
For this 5-7 pa
first appeared on Elite Writers.

The post Institutions, Inequalities, and Intersectionality Research Paper
For this 5-7 pa
appeared first on Elite Writers.

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