1) Read BUS134B Final Project for guidelines. Make sure that your paper has the

1) Read BUS134B Final Project for guidelines. Make sure that your paper has the following sections. You may use this as the outline for your paper.
A) Cover page
Project name (MLK STTC, CommUnivercity College Day, CommUniverCity College Day Fundraising, Los Altos Town Crier)
Campaign title
Names of ALL team members alphabetical by last name (Last name, First Name)
% Contribution of each member to the final paper
Course code, course name, and section
B) Executive summary (1 page only!) The Exec Summary should contain highlights of your paper.
C) Complete profile of your client*
D) Project objectives*
Describe your overall objectives for the project
*Note: For items C and D, you can use contents from P2 – Project Paper 1 Proposal
E) Your organization’s value proposition (current and proposed)
F) Target audience (current and proposed)
Demographics, Geographics, Psychographics (or a combination)
Consumer and purchasing behavior
Decision-making process
G) IMC Strategy Analysis**
What were your findings about the current IMC strategy?
What is working?
What needs to be improved?
**Note: Include a summary of your digital marketing and social media analysis (WW2) — [Tip: read the feedback on your assignment and use this to improve this section]
H) Describe and explain your final IMC strategy
I) Discuss why and how you think your strategy addresses your IMC objectives
2) This assignment should be submitted as a report. Please use headers to separate the sections.
3) Format should either be: Word document, Shared Google doc or PDF.
4) Turn in this assignment as a group! Only one person needs to submit the work – but make sure all the names of the team members are on the document so everyone can receive credit.
5) Submit your assignment by the due date.
6) Recommended number of pages: 8-10 [but not less than 6 or more than 15]
The cover page, executive summary, and reference / citations pages are not included in the page count.
Table of contents is nice to have, but not required. If the group decides to create a TOC, this is not counted towards the page count.
7) Remember! On your cover page, please indicate the % contribution of each team member to the assignment. If everyone contributed equally, and there are 5 members, then each should get 20%. If there are team members who did not contribute, do not hesitate to indicate a 0% for contribution. Grades will be calibrated to account for the individual’s contribution to the team assignment.
8) Please DO NOT include the digital asset and presentation slide deck. These will be submitted through another folder and is due later.

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