Step 1: Go to the Healthy People 2030 (HP2030) “Social Determinants of Health” w

Step 1: Go to the Healthy People 2030 (HP2030) “Social Determinants of Health” website: (n.d.). Social Determinants of Health. Available at
Read the overview material on this page, and then choose a topic area from the five domains:
· Economic Stability
· Education
· Social and Community Context
· Health Care Access and Quality
· Neighborhood and Built Environment
Open the page for your chosen topic area. Note 2 tabs on the left. Read the “Overview” and then scroll through the “Objectives” listed below this. Choose an objective that interests you. Think about an achievable intervention nurse might do to help reach your objective.
Click on the “Evidence-Base Resources” tab. View the information listed for your objective. You may choose to use resources from HP2030 as well as other sources (see below).
Step 2:
1. Introduce your chosen topic and objective. Briefly explain why they are important to human health.
2. Discuss how nurses might contribute toward meeting this objective through their work. Make this a population-based, facility-wide, or community-wide intervention if possible.
3. Integrate at least two (2) evidence-based (EB) resources into your discussion.
a. One may be a resource from the HP2030 “Evidence-Base Resources” section, or it may be any EB(evidence-based) resource of your choosing (article or website). You are encouraged to look for nursing resources, but may use other health care or social science articles as long as they are applicable to the topic and to the work nurses may do. You may take a population-based, public health perspective or an acute care point-of-view.
b. The second resource must be an EB(evidence-based) resource of your own choosing, meeting the same criteria as in “a” above.
4. Offer an idea of how progress toward your nursing action might be measured – how might data will be collected?
· Include APA-format citation for the resource(s) which were utilized in your writing whether they are from the HP2020 lists or other sites.

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