These are the instructions from the Professor: The paper is to be double spaced

These are the instructions from the Professor:
The paper is to be double spaced, left justified, one inch margins, written in Times New Roman 12.
The paper is to be 10-12 pages long.
References to sources are to be made using the same format throughout the paper. Most students are accustomed to MLA. The key to success in this aspect of the project is consistency.
There is to be a “Works Cited” section at the end of the paper (not included in the 10-12 page length) that indicates primary and secondary sources actually referenced in the body of the paper.
Both primary (the Bible, ancient writings, apocryphal gospels, etc.) and secondary sources (books, articles about the primary sources) are to be used.
There is a minimum of six sources required. The required texts may not be used as a source but recommended texts may be used.
Both books and articles should be utilized as secondary sources for this project.
Secondary sources should be of an academic nature.
My topic is on Laudato Si’ and it’s connection to creation and social justice. These are questions the professor felt I should include in my analysis:
I suggest that you use this as a starting point for your research on the relationship between creation and social justice from a biblical-theological point of view (and “biblical-theological” is what this class is about). Below includes answers I have provided in my own brainstorming:
The questions you should ask are:
What is creation from a theological-biblical perspective?
From a Biblical perspective, God’s act of creation is having created Order out of the Chaos of the world.
What is the relationship between creation and humanity?
The relationship between creation and humanity is that God created humankind.
Because God created everything, there is a point of importance in all of it to him. As Francis says, “the Bible says that the 3 are intertwined: love for neighbor, God, and Earth.”
In the Bible, a way of honoring His creation is by caring for humanity. So, we care for our neighbor.
How can global warming be understood theologically and biblically?
Global warming can be understood as a form of chaos, created by humans’ ignorance of caring for the earth.
In the Bible…
What is the relationship between global warming and social justice?

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