Defense in Depth (DiD)

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The design of Defense in Depth (DiD) means much more in computer science than traditional medieval warfare. Moats and walls used to slow down the enemy so archers could make the attack much more difficult. The invention of the trebuchet meant that armies could attack from nearly 1,000 feet away. Computers were once a device of local use, but networking and the Internet mean that enemies can attack from anywhere in the world.


Spheres of use and protection (Whitman & Mattord, 2021, pp. 113-114) demonstrate that DiD is a much more comprehensive approach to information security than just stalling or making it hard for someone to break into a system. It is important for us to understand how people interact with information, systems, networks, and the Internet to create a comprehensive, overlapping information security approach.


Review the following resources to help you with this assignment:


Sophos integrates its firewall with Active Directory –

Google discusses its own recommendations of AD and firewall integration –

Business leaders provide their perspective on using administrative controls (policies and procedures) to help secure the sphere of protection around their company information –

Think about your company or a place you have worked and the information they collected (internally and from customers). Think about 3 components of the sphere of protection from the sphere of use, and answer the following:

What is 1 piece of information from the scenario that you feel is critical to that organization?

How would 1 element from each component of the sphere of protection be used in each of the spheres of use (information, systems, network, Internet). Describe how it would protect the information you identified.

How do these security solutions interact, overlap, or support each other in DiD?


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