Retail Management Assignment Questions and Answers Help

Retail Management Assignment Help

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Retail Management


Question 1


  • There are several factors that have influenced consumer behaviour in South Africa and Discuss the following factors and explain how it would affect decision-making at the clothing retailer Ackermans:


    • Career and professional women
    • Social responsibility;
    • Conservation and green issues; and
    • Health awareness (25 Marks).


  • A SWOT analysis helps an organisation understand how it fits into its environment. Your boss at Ackermans, Mr Raymond Ackerman, has asked you to explain what SWOT analysis is and to conduct a SWOT analysis for his business.

You will be marked for both theory and application to the case of Ackermans.


Question 2


  • Retailers may use a number of performance indicators to judge which categories will contribute the most. Discuss any three of these performance indicators and relate these to the example of Ackermans.
  • Discuss the four stages of the category life cycle and apply it to the example of Ackermans.


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