The business proposal is a common tool used to convince business executives and leaders about an idea for improvement within an organization. The

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The business proposal is a common tool used to convince business executives and leaders about an idea for improvement within an organization. They are also used when a new business initiative is seeking funding – either as a stand-alone business or within the confines of an existing organization.

The business proposal draft should be complete, including all components of a business proposal. This draft should be well-considered and ready for review by your peers and the instructor. Points will be deducted for incomplete work.

The Business Proposal is the major writing assignment in the course. You are to create and submit a formal proposal that suggests how to change something within an organization. This organization can be large or small, a place of employment now or in the past, or an organization to which the students belong. From past experiences, it is best to use a business with fewer than 200 employees, and one with which you have personal experience. It could be a place where you currently work or a place you have worked or volunteered in the past.

The change can be specific to a unit or can apply to the whole organization; it can relate to how important information is distributed, who has access to important information, how information is accessed, or any other change in practices the students see as having a benefit. The proposal should be directed to the person or committee with the power to authorize the change. However, if you are working within a large organization, and asking for a small organizational change, communicating with a CEO or president may not make the most sense. You need to think about who within the organization might be the best person for the type of change suggested.

I have uploaded some examples of business proposal here.

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Redstone Arsenal, AL. 35898






DLA-Aviation Huntsville Management


Christopher Butler, Contract Specialist

DLA-Aviation Huntsville

Prepared on: 06/21/2021



Redstone Arsenal, AL. 35898



Date: June 08, 2021

To: DLA Aviation Huntsville Management Team

SUBJECT: Proposed Training Department

Dear Leadership Team,

While working at DLA Aviation for the past five years, turnover of employees has become

routine due to reasons such as retirement, promotion, or even to try something new. Attrition

leads to new hires at DLA. A proper foundation is a key to personal success and overall

organizational success in the complex career field of contracting. When it comes to supporting

the warfighter, who is protecting all our freedoms, organizational success depends upon

efficiency and a well-trained workforce.

The enclosed proposal highlights the benefits of adding a training department for all new hires to

the organization and the Federal Government. The proposed training department will lay the

proper foundation of firm-fixed pricing contracting. Additionally, the training department will

provide training to the whole organization every week to help maintain DLA Uniform

Workforce Initiative for Acquisition (DUWIA) certification while keeping the workforce

prepared for the ever-changing contracting field. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Should you have any questions concerning this proposal, please contact Christopher Butler,

Contract Specialist, via email at [email protected]


Christopher Butler

Christopher Butler

Contract Specialist

DLA Aviation Huntsville

Team Blackhawk

mailto:[email protected]



Redstone Arsenal, AL. 35898




Letter of Proposal……………………………………………………………………………. Pg. 1

Table of Contents………………………………………………………………………………Pg. 2

Executive Summary……………………………………………………………………………Pg.3

Introduction…………………………………………………………………………………… Pg.4

Background, Problem, and Purpose……………………………………………………………Pg.4

Proposal, Plan, and Schedule………………………………………………………………… Pg.5

Staffing and Budget……………………………………………………………………………Pg.5

Conclusion……………………………………………………………………………………. Pg.6




Redstone Arsenal, AL. 35898



Executive Summary

This proposal outlines the need for DLA Aviation Huntsville to implement a training department.

The training department will be highly beneficial to the originations and its ability to carry on

with the mission of supporting the warfighter, while upholding the morale of the team and

improving employee retention. Implementing a training department will give new employees to

DLA and the Federal Government a solid foundation in firm-fixed-price contracting. At the same

time, it prepares the organization to be in a proactive, not reactive mindset. Fifty-five percent of

individuals in the contracting field are within five years of retiring from service. The acquisition

process at DLA Huntsville is drastically different from other DLA organizations and more in

debt due to the types of products procured. Additionally, new employees are required to request

access to, and become proficient in and familiar with multiple systems to successfully perform

the duties assigned.

Without proper training and introduction to the world of spare part acquisitions, the entire

process can be daunting and complicated. Fifty-three percent of the DLA Huntsville new hires

are from non-procurement, private sector backgrounds. These new employees require organized

training to ensure success for themselves and the organization. The proposed training department

would utilize two existing employees, on a one-year rotational basis, which would require no

additional funding. DLA trainers would be responsible for the following:

• Retirement and benefits training (401K, TSP)

• Mandatory training completed and keeping them up to date (depending on experience)

• Continuous learning points training given to the whole organization 40 weeks per year

• Training on the acquisition process using the 180-day gated acquisition process

• Training on computer systems needed to complete procurements

• Overview training of the pre and post-award processes used at DLA Huntsville

The institution of an internal DLA training program would benefit all new employees to DLA and

Government contracting while providing a stable foundation and knowledge base to become an

effective, efficient employee contributing to supporting the warfighter. Additionally, the training

department would put DLA Huntsville at the forefront for preparing for the rising age of current

contracting professionals reaching the retirement age. A training department allows DLA to groom

the next generation of contracting professionals efficiently and effectively.



Redstone Arsenal, AL. 35898




Propose DLA Aviation Huntsville add a training department for all new hires. A training department

would be beneficial to organizational success, providing new employees a proper foundation and

introduction to Government contracting. The knowledge is essential to mission success and long-term

retention and employee morale, while never losing sight of DLA’s motto of “Warfighter First.”

Background, Problem, and Purpose

Due to DLA Huntsville’s current organizational restructuring and staffing ramp-up, the need for an

appropriately trained and efficient workforce has never been more apparent. Additionally, according to, fifty-five percent of the current 1102 (contract specialists) workforce are within five years

of retirement (Buble, 2019). With this reduction in the contracting workforce on the horizon, there will be

a massive influx of new employees entering the Government requiring proper training and introduction to

contracting to maintain mission readiness. DLA Huntsville’s mission effectiveness has to ability to be

threatened due to employees becoming retire qualified. The below table will show the estimated number

of employees eligible for retirement for the next four fiscal years and the possible void that can be left.

• Estimated 33 employees eligible for retirement in the next four years.

The above table does not account for normal attrition for various reasons, such as promotions or

relocation. Another drawback to the aging workforce is the amount of experience that will be leaving. A

training department would benefit new hires to learn from experienced employees before individuals

separate from Federal Service.

An employee entering Government contracting at DLA Huntsville with no prior contracting experience

can find the whole process extremely overwhelming. As a contract specialist, one must request access to

twelve ARMY systems and learn the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and contracting process. In

addition, the employee is trying to earn DUWIA certification. Any individual not holding a DUWIA


FY 2022

FY 2023

FY 2024

FY 2025

Total Employees





Eligible for Retirement





Possible Void Left




Redstone Arsenal, AL. 35898



certification after twenty-four months of employment can be removed from Federal Service. The DUWIA

certification is mandatory for all 1102 contract specialists. The current training process involves using

Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), screenshots, and interactions with fellow employees to learn the

procurement process. The problem with this method is taking employees away from their workload to

help train the new team member, which hampers productivity and effectiveness. This lack of training

leads to employees leaving the organization, resulting in decreasing retention rates. Loss of employees

leads to overworking existing employees, decreasing morale.

The purpose of the proposed DLA training team would be to introduce new employees to Government

contracting and the processes and procedures necessary to start acquisitions at DLA, while, producing a

skilled workforce with long-term retention.

Proposal, Plan, and Schedule

The proposed implementation of a training department for new employees to the organization. New hires

would be assigned to the training team to process and train for ninety or one hundred twenty days. The

time frame is determined by the employee’s prior experience with Government acquisitions. During the

in-processing and training period, the training department would complete the following:

• Training and enrollment in the thrift savings plan (TSP)

• Introduction to and enrollment in the Federal Benefits package

• Request access and training on all required procurement systems needed to complete a

Government Acquisition

• Acquisition acronyms

• Quiz to identify the parts of the FAR

• The completion of all mandatory local and industry-mandated training (i.e., cybersecurity, ethics,

sexual harassment)

• Walkthrough of the delivery order, planning, and solicitation phases of the procurement process

• Training of Pre and Post-award procedures and processes (needed prior team assignment)

• Introduction to the DLA Huntsville 180-day gated procurement process

• Training on Workflow Management Tool (WMT)

• The completion of all prerequisites and coursework for DUWIA certification, along with

registration for in-seat classes (based on contracting experience)

Upon completion of training employees will become eligible for assignment to a department and

supervisor with the general knowledge and understanding of the Government procurement process.

Additionally, the employee is well along on the path to contracting certification.



Redstone Arsenal, AL. 35898



Staffing and Budget

Staffing for the proposed training department would come from within the origination, using two veteran

contract specialists on a one-year rotational basis. Rotating trainers allows for training opportunities for

multiple employees while keeping training up to date.

Potential Trainers Requirements

• Warranted Contracting Officer

• DUWIA level three Certified

• Five years of contracting experience

• Proficient skills in all contracts writing systems at DLA Huntsville

• WMT Certified

• General Schedule (GS) level 12 or 13

All employees assigned to the training department will maintain a sixty percent workload preventing a

drop-off in production. Additional duties of trainers are to provide one-hour weekly training 40 weeks per

year to the entire organization to help the organization meet the required eighty CLPs needed every two

years to maintain certification in the acquisition and contracting field. With the addition of a training

department staffed from within, there would be no negative budgetary impact. Additionally, while

employees are assigned to the training department, it would afford cross-training opportunities for

existing employees to fill spots vacated by the employees assigned to the training department.


Implementation of a training department at DLA Aviation would be instrumental in retaining employees.

In addition to increasing retention, the training department will prepare the next generation of contract

specialists before the expected exodus of retirement eligible employees. It will afford them the proper

foundation and initial understanding needed to become productive contract specialists. It is critical to be

proactive, not reactive, when it comes to training and grooming new employees. A well-trained, happy

employee is a productive employee who will help push the organization into the future and maintain a

mission redness and effectiveness in supporting the nation’s warfighter.



Redstone Arsenal, AL. 35898




Buble, C. (2019, August 30). The Aging Federal Workforce Need “New Blood.” Retrieved June 05, 2021,

from Government Executive .com:


Butler, C. (2021).

Guffey, M. E., & Loewy, D. (2018). Essentials of Business Communication (Vol. 11e). Boston, Ma:

Cengage Learning US.

Katz, E. (2018, June 18). The Federal Agencies Where the most Employees are Eligible to Retire.

Retrieved June 06, 2021, from Government Executive .com:



Golf Operations Department

Letter of Transmittal

Don Booth Golf Attendant 32 Castle Down Drive Huntsville AL 35802 June 26, 2021 Mr. John Smith Director of Golf Operations Huntsville AL 35802 Dear Mr. Smith, Please review and consider the following business proposal designed to make positive changes to enhance the safety of golf operations at The Ledges. The proposal explains golf cart safety problems and a proposed solution to increase vehicle safety for approxi- mately $1000.00. If you have questions regarding this proposal, please contact me, [email protected] or by phone, 256-777-0000.

Sincerely, Don Booth


Golf Operations BUSINESS PROPOSAL Prepared For: CREATED John Smith 06/16/2021 Director of Golf Operations 32 Castle Down Drive VALID UNTIL Huntsville, Al 35802 06/16/2022



Letter of Transmittal Pg. 1 Title Page Pg. 2 Executive Summary Pg. 4 Background of Problem/Cart Safety Pg. 5

Figure 3.1 Pg. 5 Figure 3.2 Pg. 6 Figure 3.3. Pg. 7

Proposed Plan Pg. 8 Equipment & Budget Pg. 8, 9 Conclusion Pg. 9 References Pg. 10


Executive Summary The Ledges Country Club is located two miles from the Jones Valley Shopping Center, on Cecil Ashburn Drive. Located in the expanding Southeast Huntsville area, this top two ranked 18-hole golf course in Alabama offers a challenging layout and beautiful mountain views. The property includes a pro shop, driving range, cart barn, mainte- nance buildings, and excellent country club amenities. The Ledges recently hosted the prestigious PGA Korn Ferry Tour, the developmental tour for professional golfers.

This business proposal describes improvements that will enhance the safety of golf op- erations. It specifically explains the safety issues currently associated with the process of golf cart vehicles. A small investment in the proposed changes outlined in this busi- ness plan will create a safer environment for golf members, guests, and employees. The Director of Golf Operations is encouraged to review and consider the operational improvements in the proposed plan. In my view, these positive changes will add value and safety while improving The Ledges’ overall golf experience.

Background of Problem Three recent cart accidents involving golf attendants were due to backing carts blindly in addition to the blurred parking lines in the barn. One could decrease potential bodily in- jury or cart damage from driving vehicles by making a small investment to purchase and install rearview mirrors; additionally, restripe the cart barn parking lines. Cart Safety According to Technology Associate Engineering Experts, in the U.S., there are approxi- mately 15,000 golf cart-related accidents yearly that require emergency room treatment. The primary contributor of cart accidents is improper braking, cart rollover, or passenger ejection. Aggravating these common problems are golf carts’ open design, lack of mir- rors, seatbelts, poor braking capabilities, and driving on uneven ground. Industry stand- ards prohibit golf vehicles from speeds more than the maximum speed of 15 mph; how- ever, rollovers and ejections still happen because of sharp turns, steep inclines, me- chanical breakdowns, and driver error. Additionally, most golf carts are equipped with only mechanical rear brakes, significantly reducing their stopping power (staff writer, n.d). Previous Accidents While riding through a golf course parking lot, the driver made a sudden left turn and was ejected from the vehicle, sustaining a severe head injury. An investigation deter- mined the driver turned sharply at maximum speed; the g forces were enough to unseat the driver. In addition, the cart manufacturer failed to provide safety handholds and the required golf cart American National Standards Institute (ANSI) warning labels.


A golfer rolled over, traveling down a steep golf course path, when his cart accelerated uncontrollably. When the vehicle left the cart path, the driver fell out, and the cart top- pled on the driver. Safety engineers determined even properly functioning brakes could not have slowed the cart based on the degree of the incline. Additionally, the speed governor malfunctioned because the golf cart could not have turned over unless it reached speeds well over the design maximum set forth by the ANSI (staff writer, n.d.).

Figure 3.1

Golf Cart Turnover Accident

Could Mirrors have Prevented this Accident?


Figure 3.2

Golf Carts with Mirrors Installed Prevent Accidents


Figure 3.3

Proposed Installation of Universal Golf Cart Mirrors


Proposed Plan My proposal recommends installing rearview mirrors on all golf carts and repainting the existing storage barn parking lines. Installing rear view mirrors would quickly solve sev- eral problems.

▪ Safety mirrors will provide drivers a clear line of sight that allows them to safely and efficiently back up without turning their head.

▪ The safety device will reduce the amount of time spent parking carts at closing. ▪ The possibility of injury will decrease to anyone standing behind a cart if a driver

fails to look behind them. ▪ Drivers will reduce tire damage by backing up over sharp borders with mirrors. ▪ Operators striking and damaging other closely parked carts will be alleviated.

My solution is to install a small universal lightweight golf cart mirror that integrates with our existing display monitors or attaches to the left canopy support rod and repaint all the current parking space lines in the cart storage barn. The labor involved to install uni- versal golf cart mirrors and repainting the parking space lines could easily be performed in-house by The Ledges employees. Provided are the following rearview mirror and re- stripping wand product information details for your review and consideration. Equipment and Budget Universal Moveland Mirror Specifications Amazon Price $ 10.99 ea. Plus Shipping According to the product description, the Moveland Universal Golf Cart Mirror fits all golf carts. This small, lightweight convex mirror is universal and will work on any golf cart. Locate the mirror in any spot you deem appropriate, with an easy mounting kit that comes with the purchase. Listed below are advantages of the Moveland Universal Golf Cart Mirror:

▪ The mirror will provide drivers excellent visibility and quality. ▪ It can fit on all golf carts and easily mount using two self-tapping screws. In addi-

tion, the high-impact plastic construction resists weather damage. ▪ A flat-bar mount with two small holes and two self-tapping machine screws will

secure the mirror to the front roof support. ▪ The mirror allows an excellent wide-angle field of view behind for driver visibility.


Home Depot Rust-Oleum 8 oz. Flat White Inverted Striping Spray Paint Paint and Marking Wand Specifications PRICE $6.48 ea.

▪ The paint allows for fast dry striping paint for outdoor use and one-coat coverage. ▪ The spray in a can will work upside down and is easy to use in parking lots. ▪ The paint will mark and cover up to 400 square ft. per can with two-inch lines.

Home Depot Rust-Oleum Professional Marking Wand Model # 255640 PRICE $22.97 ea.

▪ The single-wheel striping tool will provide easy control and comfort. ▪ It will ensure quicker project completion with increased accuracy and ease. ▪ The easy-to-use sprayer will reduce finger fatigue during application.

Total Projected Costs The estimated project costs below are for the Ledges staff to install rearview mirrors on 55 golf carts and restripe parking lines (

▪ Universal rearview mirrors – $11ea + $4 shipping ea. x 55 = $ 825.00 ▪ Rust-Oleum flat white striping paint $6.48 ea. x 20 = $ 129.00 ▪ Rust-Oleum professional marking wand $22.97 ea. = $ 22.97

$ 976.00 TOTAL Conclusion

The approval and implementation of this business proposal will provide a safer environ- ment for all golf cart operators. The rearview mirror permits you to see behind the cart without turning to look behind and enables a more alert driving experience. Driver’s reg- ularly checking the rearview mirror can avoid potential obstacles and make timely ad- justments in advance. The mirror will be an excellent asset when parking in the back-up only cart storage barn. Additionally, restriping the parking spaces will give the driver clear visual lines to follow, reducing the chances of golf cart incidents. This inexpensive business proposal will be well worth the time, effort, and investment to improve the safety of golf operations. The Ledges Golf Operations will continue to grow and exceed other golf course competition with continuous improvements. The Director of Golf Operations’ consideration of this proposal is appreciated.


References Mirror Product Information. Retrieved from Mirror-Yamaha/dp/B00FADRAI2 Guffey M. E., & Loewy D. (2018). Essentials of Business Communication. [Columbia College]. Retrieved from Paint/Marking Wand Product Information. Retrieved from Staff Writer (n.d.), Golf Carts, Technology Associates Engineering Experts. Retrieved from ity/golfcart.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwqvyFBhB7EAER786eIrN7SXR6Ttd7TXwx1fxdO7NLXt PFtnrU3AvXf-kdAr1KarOHtXxBoCQ8QQAvD_BwE


Integrated Testing & Fielding Department (ITFD)

Letter of Transmittal

Brandy Thomas

Logistics Management Specialist


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