CMDBST303 Integrated Case Study Analysis Solution Help

CMDBST303 Integrated Case Study Analysis

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Assignment Details:

  • Words: 3000




Individual Case Study Analysis


Select one case study from the cases provided on your student Portal, and identify the problems, issues and challenges faced by that firm. For your chosen case study, as an individual you need to select the specific problems faced and complete an analysis structured as below.


  Contents   Word count
  Executive Summary A short summary of the entire work

Background, brief statement of the problem, aims of the analysis, approach adopted for analysis, findings




Introduction to the case study  Statement of the problem

Research aims and objectives

Structure of the rest of the report

2 Case brief: Description of the situation            

Clearly describe the situation in the case.

3 Problem statement, plan of analysis Statement of the problems in the case

Proposed plan of analysis

Relevant literature review-Identify resources/ techniques helpful for analyzing the case study.

(Explain and evaluate the concepts, theories, models, research relevant to the case)




4 Analysis & Findings An assessment of the current positions facing your chosen company.

(Derived from applying the principles and practices of the concepts, theories and models referred to and discussed in chapter 3)

5 Proposed solution to problem Integrated assessment of the analysis – generate ideas or alternative solutions to the problems and issues.

Choose a “best fit” solution from the options



Decide on an action plan of

Limitations of the study, scope for further research

  Appendices This section will contain all the documentation, data, financial reports etc. used in the case analysis  


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