Describe the condition of the disease (signs/symptoms, course of illness, etc.).


This paper is not to exceed 10 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages). The format and organization require the use of APA 7th edition formatting along with headings and subheadings (examples are bolded below). Research papers will be assessed on completeness and clarity of the description of the health problem along with summary of morbidity and mortality trends.

The paper must address these areas:

Introduction: Provide an introduction of the disease. Include the name of the disease and the meaning behind the name (if appropriate).
Disease Agent: Provide a description of disease agent and its possible transmission.
Symptomology: Describe the condition of the disease (signs/symptoms, course of illness, etc.).
Prevention and Intervention: Description of prevention and/or intervention techniques and practices. Be sure to discuss all levels as appropriate.
Environmental Factors: Provide a description of environmental, seasonal, and temporal attributes (i.e. geographical, seasonal trends, cyclic trends, etc.).
Disease Distribution: Describe current morbidity and mortality rates (where applicable), as well as any significant trends. Include a discussion of differences in the distribution of disease (i.e. age, sex, race, education, SES). Be sure to also address current epidemics, endemics, or pandemics as well as control measures. The inclusion of data for our local community is a must.
Conclusion: Provide a summary of the overall findings. Describe what is currently being done that address this condition/disease.


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  • Describe the condition of the disease (signs/symptoms, course of illness, etc.).
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