Text Analysis of Robot Sales Room in New York City

Assignment Task


This assignment requires you to develop a real-world text analytics solution that will be capable of instigating change in an organisation. You have already participated in an organisational task from a group perspective, andhave specified a project in CRISP-DM. You will now deliver a text analytic solution. Your task is to adopt your provided project plan and to pursue the text analysis that is specified. You are to perform the Data Preparation, Modelling and Evaluation as part of the CRISP-DM strategy prepared for Tesla as they seek to find suitable customers for their new line of humanoid robots, and to support Tesla in understanding opportunities and threats that surround the project. You are to submit a report to Tesla presenting Five Text Analysis storiesthat offer compelling evidence for adopting five different strategies. The five strategies are expected to be persuasive, and aimed at supporting Tesla as it develops company strategy leading up to the roll out commercial robots. You are specifically asked to address pressing questions of disruption, sustainability, risk management and data ethics. In doing so, you will help the Tesla to reflect on important considerations they will need to be addressed before taking the proposals forward.

Text Analytics Project Specification

You are to lead Tesla decision-making in 5 areas chosen from a relevant range of Themes. You can focus wholly on customer segments as defined in the sections of the New York Times. Or you can mix and match some of the

newspaper segmentations with others that you consider important, perhaps from Twitter


1.Using the New York Times AI dataset along with any other that you may have identified on Twitter, identify five compelling text analytics narratives that can inform Tesla policy in successfully introducing commercial

humanoid robots to the marketplace.

2. Present your results in a 2,500 report that contains:

a. Title Page

b. Executive Summary

c. Table of Contents

d. Introduction

e. A Main Body which includes

i. A section on Data Preparation

ii. The Five Key Analyses, (some details may be placed in an appendix)

iii. Use screen shots from your Orange Data-Mining work to highlight important points, provide

iv. Key recommendations for each narrative, and

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